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    It is sad to have to return to talk about failure of an education law. The seventh and in democracy. It hurts to see that we do not learn. That teaching remains a prisoner of partisanship intolerable and Catholic beliefs.

    The education of a country is so important that it should be a matter of state. Because there is no free country than a cultured country. No democracy that does not care for their young people are the guarantee for the future. No ruler so unintelligent to be able to mow the morning preventing access of its citizens to the school.

    But in this country we have not yet the knowledge revolution. We have failed to invest in education is the key to tomorrow.

    The brick has fostered corruption, ethics has devastated, destroyed clean politics, institutions sickened … And after this scam disguised as a crisis, the mirror gives us back a picture of desolation.

    I do not even let us hope for the future. Because this law will end the public school as we know it today. Back more than 30 years ago.

    Wert Minister, has been deaf and blind for months before the clamor of the educational community. Not dumb, because their haughty and arrogant word has ignited debates manipulated to hide the fact he was looking to do business with something as essential as the education of our children.

    The budget law is born without. In addition, another 7,000 million will be reduced to 2016 in education. Just what it costs us each year the Church. It is clear his move.

    Do not blame Brussels, nor markets, it is a political decision Rajoy neoconservative government dominated by the church hierarchy and rushing, unequivocally, the most regressive attack public education.

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